Monday, March 9, 2009

The Only Thing Left at Circuit City ...

Dan Enright and I popped into the Circuit City in Fairfax on Saturday during the last few hours of their liquidation sale ... and the pickings were slim.

Apart from fixtures, there really wasn't anything left in the store at all. No TVs. No Stereos. No DVD players. No real hardware of any sort.

There was a handful of crappy Rap CDs for a dollar, and a few cables here and there, but no DVDs, video games, or software. It was kind of like the Cheese Shop from the old Monty Python sketch.

Then we noticed an endcap that seemed to actually have something to buy on it.

They're on the top shelf. About 20 of them.


Anonymous said...

I should have bought one just to poke around in it again for the free month. That might have been worth the $5.

Anonymous said...

poor AoC