Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Justin Goes to Leipzig - The Kate-apult

As you probably know, Warhammer Online has a fantastic Realm vs Realm (RvR) combat system. Part of that system involves storming enemy keeps and fortresses in an attempt to control zones to push the campaign farther toward your enemy's capital city. Each race has access to its own unique set of siege weaponry: ballistas, bolt-throwers, battering rams, boiling oil, etc.

At a typical Con, we give out boxes and boxes of T-Shirts and schwag to fans who come to see our presentations. However, throwing T-shirts is hard. So, we locked a bunch of interns in a room and whipped them until they came up with a solution. Luckily, most of our interns spend copious amounts of time playing on beta. Before their welts become completely scabrous, they came up with an idea for a new T-shirt Delivery System (TDS).

To the untrained eye, the TDS looks like an enormous hand catapult.

Deputy Content Manager Kate Flack manned (womaned?) the TDS, or "Kate-apult", at Leipzig with fantastic results. Using the device, she could deliver a T-shirt to any person in the main hall within a matter of seconds - often by knocking them unconscious. 

Also, as you can see, most of the front-row fans are wearing spiffing WAR white sunglasses. Make sure you grab a pair off Paul or Jeff at PAX this weekend.

So to clarify, during Saturday's presentation, no convention spotlights were destroyed by the TDS. If you attended Leipzig GC on Saturday and found small crystalline shards in your hair afterwards, those shards were definitely not bits of glass. Perhaps you have developed a new form of disgusting Con dandruff

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