Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Road to Leipzig - Enormous Pants

So, we're heading out to Leipzig GC over the weekend, to show off the game to the Europeans.
I've never been to GC before, so I'm not really sure what to expect. It's clearly huge ( -- two-hundred thousand sweaty Germans in an aircraft hanger in East Germany. GOA definitely have their hands full. Luckily, the game looks, and plays, great.

I've tried packing. This trip, I'm trying not to check any bags. As a result everything has to fit into one carry-on bag. Packing light in this way is easy if you're a girl, because all their bits and bobs are small. When you're 6'2'', it's really hard -- everything is bigger. For example, my pants are enormous.

Also, will anything electrical work in Germany. Can anything be plugged in without fear of explosion?

On a lighter note, I did a podcast interview with the guys from the Destruction guild Soylent Greenskins (awesome name btw) earlier in the week (It's people!). It should be up on their web site pretty soon. They're getting ready to start putting out some regular podcasts, so make sure to check them out. (

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Toothbrush ... Passport .... ??


arbitrary said...

You can always mail any spare freebies over to me :-)

Frank said...

If you can get everything into the carry-on, go for it, although you might end up having a minor explosion at the end of it all once you unpack. Just stand clear.