Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Games Day Baltimore 2008 -- Ode to Waaagh!

Angie and I went to Games Day Baltimore on Saturday.
The booth looked great and we had a blast -- Angie was dressed up as a tier-1 Dark Elf Sorceror.
I filmed a bunch of stuff and I am slowly going through the footage.

I knew before we arrived that I wanted to get some footage of all the awesome Mythic employees who gave up their weekend to help demo the game. Our staff at Cons are volunteers -- they don't get massively compensated for their time. They do it because they are passionate about their work on the game and just want to show it off.

So, this video is just to thank the huge team of people working really hard to make WAR totally awesome.

Which Waaagh! is your favorite?

It's much better if you crank the volume way up!

Here's the video if you prefer Youtube ...

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