Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Justin Goes to Comicon: Part 1 - The Asian Death Bus

I wasn't going to go to Comicon. Too expensive -- the taxman was particularly brutal this year.

Then a couple of things happened...

Angie heard from Mr John Luu that there was a super-cheap, no-frills, DC-to-NY coach service. Apparently, for $20, a bus will take you from Chinatown in DC to Chinatown in NY, no questions asked. He warned us that "there might be chickens".

Then Rowland arrived in town with his puppy-like enthusiasm and bulging Euro-filled wallet, and that clinched it!

We decided to all go to Comicon, guerrila style.

(For those of you who don't know Roland Cox, he is our "man in Dublin", and does lots of liaisony-type things with our European publishing partners.)

So while Paul and Jeff were sipping champagne and having their eyebrows waxed at 33,000 ft, Angie, Roland, and myself were trundling along I95 on the "Asian Death Bus".

We took a video camera to document "the sights, the sounds, ..., the smells" of Comicon (and so that we had video evidence in case we were murdered on the Asian Death Bus). This first episode is a gentle introduction to the trip. Subsequent episodes will include, a giant, an annoying child, Lou Ferrigno, copious clips of the game, and Paul and Jeff.

Here's the video:

Or go here if you prefer Youtube

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