Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Justin Goes to Comicon: Part 3 - The Annoying Child

I was doing a quick interview with John Rudy, who is a developer on WAR, when this child appeared. Ultimately, as I was editing the footage, I realized that the child, and the subsequent reaction, was more interesting than the interview. However, Rudy is the best on-the-spot Waaagher at Mythic.

Afterwards, the thing that concerned me the most was the kid's reaction to the question. While the kid IS totally wrong, there must be a perception out there that WAR is derivative of "that other game". It's not the first time I've heard it.

So I started wondering how prevalent that opinion is. WAR is very different to just about every game out there, and has loads of cool new features. I just hope that the knee-jerk reaction shown in the video doesn't sway many people as we get closer to launch.

Or go here if you prefer Youtube.

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Evalissa said...

WoW is a rip of of many games that came before it, an average game with mass appeal. Just because its most peoples first game dose not make it the first ever mmo. And as most people know Warcraft series came after Warhammer.
*Shrugs* let the kids [immature ones, not the fun ones] stay in the barrens for all I care, ill have my WAAAGH!