Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Dark Elf Costume - Getting it Made

So, Angie wore her awesome dark elf sorceress costume at Games Day Baltimore last weekend. A gajillion people had their photo taken with her. We unfortunately forgot to take our normal camera. However, we figured that this week there would be loads of other people's photos of Angie on the web that we could just look at instead.

So far,..., haven't seen any :(

The folks over at Warhammer Alliance worked themselves up into a frenzy this week on the forums about "that dark elf chick" who wore "that costume", but were unable to accurately explain how awesome Angie looked with the lack of photographic evidence.

So, as a brief tease, here's a video about that costume.

I also noticed as I was putting the video together that I may have caught a dose of the "So"s. "So"s aren't as bad as a case of the "Like"s, but its still deeply frustrating. To explain, a dose of "So"s is when you start each sentence with "So..."; and "Like"s are like totally like when you say like like every other word.

It's especially annoying since I usually find myself wanting to punch people who can't string two words together without one of them being "like".

Hmmm, what are some other really annoying vocal habits?

Anyways, the game looks great, its gonna be awesome. It was sad to see Conan having all those problems with its PvP this week {snicker}. Anyways, cya in beta and enjoy the video.


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