Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Dark Elf Costume - The Costume

So here's the video of Angie in the costume that she wore at Games Day Baltimore. She looks fantastic in it...

Angie's Awesome Costume

I made a video from some Baltimore footage about the guild Mongbat a couple of days ago. I wanted to post it on Youtube, but because I filmed some of it at work (the bits of Paul, Josh, and Jeff), I had to ask permission.

As a result, Evil Marketing took the video and added it last minute to June's Newsletter. It might not be in the European versions, so here's a link just in case.

The Mongbat Video


arbitrary said...

Am both impressed and depressed at the same time!

If you ever need a stealth dwarf gal, I'm prepared to grow my hair into braids ;p

Evalissa said...

Very cool costume. Looks liek you had fun :)